Multimedia Design Journal: Does Practice Make Perfect?

In e-learning practice is an interaction that allows you to test and and apply knowledge gained through the course.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 1.03.31 AM

Code Academy: Making a website

The example above if an example of the practice provided by Code Academy. They provide an interactive coding example that walks you through the process of building a real world website. It covers the the sample information provided in the previous text and shows you it’s real world application. They also provide 24hour support for paid members and have a forum for users to self help.

  • Principle 1:sufficient practice interactions to e-learning to achieve the learning goal- Because adding practice can ad to the the expense of the course, you should take care that you are optimizing the course design to be effective as possible.
  • Principle 2:  Mirror the job – Practice must be realistic and a job specific to reflect actual task the person will be preforming in real life.
  • Principle 3: Provide effective feedback – Make sure the feedback provided is accurate. The feedback should also help you learn. You should also be concerned on how the feedback is presented to avoid negative reactions in learners.
  • Principle 4:  Distribute and mix practice among learning events – Vary the practices throughout a course to prevent fatigue.
  • Principle 5:  Apply the multimedia principles – using a combination of text, graphics, images, video, etc the create content with depth.
  • Principle 6: Transition from examples to practice gradually – Make sure the the content is transferable in real life situations.


ref: e-Learning and the  Science of Instruction; Ruth Colvin Clark • Richard E. Mayer

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