Fair Use Podcast

Project 3: Audio

1.   Podcast Purpose- The purpose of this podcast is to give the listerner some general knowledge about what fair use is and what situations it can apply too. How it can be beneficial to you, and what could happen if the copyright holder doesnt agree with your fair use claim.

2.   Podcast’s Audience – Teachers, Content creators, artist, students. Anyone that may have to invoke fair use

3.  Tools Used to Create the Podcast- Everything was recorded and captured using garage band. The background audio was produced in pro tools for a song i recorded 2 years ago. I exported it in m4a format and used an online converter to change it to an mp3 file

4.  Brief reflection- Most of the podcast I listen to are over an hour. I actually had a hard time trying to keep my subject matter under 5min. Also there is a difference between how podcast feel when created differently. My first recording was 12 minutes long and I spoke at about a subject I new more about. I was able to speak more freely and quickly and sound more natural then I do hear. Since I had to script the dialogue in the final project I did not feel like I had the ability to be free and a lot of emotion is removed from the piece. When listening to professional podcast i prefer the unscripted ones such as well. I feel like a more natural sounding tone would have a better effect on the listener.



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