Multimedia Design Journal: Thinking Skills

There are three different types of thinking skills; Creative, Critical and meta-cognition. Creative thinking refers to making connections and generating ideas. Critical thinking relates to problem solving and evaluation. Meta-cognition is the ability to be able to set out, plan and execute goals. It involves being rational and understanding.

vitual aid for metacognition from InTeGratemetacognition_cycle_final_1220.png

Studies show that educational and professional programs have had success in transfers thinking skills through learning programs. Successful programs  focus on a few well defined skills. The ability to contextualize those skills and  incorporate collaboration between peers and colleagues.

When teaching think skills you should focus on job relevant skills. General training is easily forgotten and ignored. For the training to be truly successful it must have some use after the training even has taken place. The training should focus on a complete task. The task should come form a real world trial. Authenticity is important. The thinking process must be obvious. Meaning that the learner should know when they are suppose use their own thinking to solve a problem and that the training want provide and correct answer for them. Specify and identify what method of thinking you are suppose to use and how it relates to the job.


Basically be highly specific


e-Learning and the  Science of Instruction; Ruth Colvin Clark • Richard E. Mayer

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